Self-hosted updates are now available

Jeff Denton

Mar 6, 2011 by Jeff

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At long last we finally have an update package for the self-hosted version available. 

You can download the update ZIP file here!

We decided to abandon the in-app auto-update process because it simply didn't work for enough customers. So, here are some quick instructions to get you started.  Be sure to also read the instruction PDF included in the ZIP file.

  1. Download and upzip the files somewhere on your computer.
  2. Copy all of the files to the CPO installation on your server. This update is big so there are many files - please make sure all the files get transferred to the correct directories or else things will not work well.
  3. Open up the file database updates/cpo_updates_2.0.0.2.sql and execute the handful of SQL commands on the CPO database.

Hopefully your update goes smoothly but if not, please shoot us an email if you run into trouble.


Help: Installing the self-hosted version of CreativePro Office 2

Jeff Denton

Sep 13, 2010 by Jeff

Help, Self Hosted


Thanks for purchasing CreativePro Office! These instructions should help you get started and give you some tips in case something goes wrong with the installation.  Remember, you have 1 hour of free installation help with your purchase.

Installing CreativePro Office: To install, simply unzip the ZIP file onto your server, open your browser and go to http://your-install-url/install/install.php.  You will be asked to complete a brief form and the installation will begin.  If all goes well, this should only take about 3-5 minutes.

System Requirements

  • Linux or Windows environment
  • Apache web server preferably with mod_rewrite module
  • PHP version 5.2 or greater with the GD graphics library
  • MySQL database server version 4+
  • Optional: The ability to edit .htaccess file. This should only be necessary if you intend to install CreativePro Office into a sub-directory.


CreativePro Office 2 has only been tested on the Apache server at this point so support for other web servers will be spotty.

Required Information

When you begin your installation, you will be asked for the following information:

Company Information: Company name, email address, website, timezone, currency, and language. This information can be changed later if desired.

Order Number and Installation Key: These are required to verify a legitimate installation. These values can be found in the email you received after placing your order along with the download instructions.

Administrator Information: This will be the account information for the primary system administrator. Required information is First/Last name, email address (user name), password.

Database Information: Database host name, user name, password, database name. If you do not have this information, your ISP, hosting provider, or network administrator should be able to help.

Application Settings:

  • Installation sub-directory: If you are installing CreativePro Office into a sub-directory under your primary domain, enter the sub-directory here. For example, if you will access CPO at then enter 'cpo' into this field.
  • Support Email Address: This is the email address that your clients and team members will use to request help with the application or account data. 

Installing CreativePro Office Into a Sub-Directory

If you wish to install CreativePro Office into a sub-directory under your primary domain, you'll need to edit the .htaccess file found in the root CPO folder. Open the .htaccess file and look for the following line:

RewriteBase /

Enter the sub-directory name after the / - include a trailing slash as well. For example, if you want to install CPO at, you would edit this line to be:

Rewrite Base /cpoinstall/

Save your .htaccess file and upload it to the server.

Error Messages

CreativePro Office 2 performs a quick system check before the installation process begins to make sure it can do a proper install.  Some of the errors you might encounter before or during the install process are below.

PHP cannot access remote URL's. Please set allow_url_fopen = 1 in your php.ini file.

CreativePro Office 2 must be allowed to read remote data from other websites to check for updates, verify a legitimate installation, and import data from existing hosted accounts. Please make sure that the settings allow_url_fopen is set to 1 in your php.ini file. If your hosting provider does not allow this setting due to security reasons, contact us and we'll see if we can help.

Files and folders that must be writable.

During installation, some files must be altered by PHP and so must be writable.

  • /cpo_application/config/constants.php
  • /cpo_application/config/database.php
  • /user_files

After a successful installation, it's recommended that you make the constants.php and database.php files NOT writable for security reasons.

The GD graphics library could not be loaded.

Most PHP installations come with the GD graphics library. However, if yours does not, you will need to recompile PHP with the GD library or certain features withing CreativePro Office will not work like thumbnail creation for avatars and other image uploads.

PHP's maximum file upload size is set to ...

In order to upload large files to CreativePro Office, 2 settings in the php.ini file must be changed:

  • upload_max_filesize = 50M
  • post_max_size = 50M

Your hosting provider may have this these settings locked at a certain amount. If that's the case then your file upload size will be limited to whatever your hosting provider allows.

PHP's maximum POST size is less than the maximum file upload size, therefore your file uploads will be limited to ...

The post_max_size value should be greater than or equal to the upload_max_filesize value.

File uploads are disabled in PHP.

Your PHP installation or hosting provider does not allow file uploads.  You will not be able to upload files to your CreativePro Office installation.

We cannot determine if your installation is valid.

You can receive this error message for 2 reasons:

  1. You did not enter a valid Order Number / Installation Key combination, or
  2. You are trying to install another copy of CreativePro Office with only 1 license.

We understand that sometimes it's necessary to reinstall CreativePro Office due to a server crash or changing hosting providers.  When this happens, just send us an email explaining why you need to perform another installation and we'll make sure everything goes smoothly.

There is a problem with your database connection or the database does not exist.

This error is most likely due to improperly entered database information. Perhaps your host name is instead of localhost or you entered the password incorrectly. 

Also, you could have forgotted to create a database for CreativePro Office before attempting to install. 

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