How does 10x more storage space for FREE sound?

Jeff Denton

Sep 29, 2012 by Jeff

File Management, News

10x more storage space on CPO!Some good news for your weekend.  Today we bumped the storage space on all CreativePro Office accounts by a whopping 10x!  That means that the SOLO plan now has 10GB or storage space.  The SHOP plan has 50GB, and the TEAM plan has a stupendous 100GB of storage space.  

The best part...this increase is completely free to all customers.  It's one way we can say a big "Thanks!" to all of our loyal users.  So go - upload your documents, photos, comps, and proposals. Hopefully, worries about running out of space will now be the last thing on your mind.

Have a great weekend, everyone and thanks for reading.

Changing folder names in the file manager

Jeff Denton

Aug 1, 2012 by Jeff

File Management, features, help

We made it really easy to change folder names in the file manager today.  Check out the quick video below to see how it's done.

File sharing with clients

Jeff Denton

Apr 18, 2011 by Jeff

File Management, Features, Help

Sharing files with your clients has been a glaring omision in the CreativePro Office feature set ... until now! Last week we rolled out some good stuff that allows you to share certain files with your clients and get their feedback messages. Let's check it out.

We'll assume that you already know how to attach files to a project.  Once you have some files attached to a project, you can click on a file to share it with the client.  Shared files will display the little   icon.

Clicking on the magnifier (view) button will display the file view panel for that file as shown below. The file view panel contains some information about the file, a download button, and an image if the file is a PNG, GIF, JPEG, etc.

There is also a message box so you can send messages about the file to your client and team members.

If you send your client a message concerning a file, they will be notifed the next time they log into their account. They will also receive an email containing the message. Clicking on the little disk icon to the right of the message will open up the file view panel for that file.

Clients now have a new tab on their dashboard for Files.  To view their files, they first select a project from the drop-down list.

Your clients can view and comment on a file the same way that account owners and team members can.

When a client comments on a file, you will receive an email message and also be notified when you log in as shown below.

Currently, clients cannot upload new files but this is a feature we would like to add very soon. We hope you find the file sharing feature useful and easy to use.

Thanks for reading!

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