Introducing the CPO desktop timer

Jeff Denton

Jun 1, 2012 by Jeff

Development Progress, Features, News

iPhone AppOur push to move CPO beyond the browser continues. Today we're happy to announce our desktop app for Mac and PC! Now can log time to any of your active projects and tasks right from your desktop without ever having to open CPO in your browser.


What does it do?

For now, the desktop app can log time for multiple projects on a given day. It will also keep a history of time logged. Using the built in calendar widget, you can view time spend on projects in the past.

Desktop app trayWhen the app is minimized, you will see a little icon in your tray indicating whether or not you have active timers running. You also get a small menu of options for logging out or getting help with the app.

One last nifty feature...if you want to start a new task that isn't already in your task list, you can add it right in the task combo box. You don't have to log in to your account in the browser, and add the task there - you can do it right from your desktop.

Desktop app screens

Where can I get it?

Check out our Extras page to find the download links for both Mac and PC.  Installation should be quick and painless on both platforms.

Any plans for updates?

Yes...and, it depends.  Some updates are certain. For example, we would love to add better keyboard shortcuts to the app along with some simple reporting features.  We've also thought about releasing this as a standalone app in the Mac App Store.  

Other features we see being useful are a task manager, file uploader and viewer, invoice viewer, expense manager, and maybe a contact list manager.  We're going to take a wait and see approach to these other features.  Our sense is that most users will be happier with a good and complete mobile app so that's where we will likely spend most of our resources.

However, if folks seem to really like the desktop app, then we'll give it some more love!

The geeky stuff.

We built the desktop app with Appcelerator Titanium using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and a sprinkling of Chico IU components. Figuring out all the little quirks in Titanium took some doing - the desktop API is a bit different from the Titanium Mobile API...and less supported.  

We're really pleased with the Chico UI components.  We didn't like the idea of including a huge UI library (like jQuery UI) just to get a calendar and a combo box. Chico UI fit the bill nicely.  It's a relatively new library on the scene but the devs are actively working on it and respond quickly to bugs and feature requests.  Check 'em out for your next project!

The CPO iPhone app is here!

Jeff Denton

May 25, 2012 by Jeff

Development Progress, Features, News

iPhone AppWe're happy to finally announce our new iPhone app for CreativePro Office! Now you can track your time and tasks while away from the office. We know you've waited a long time for this release and we appreciate your patience.

Where can I get it?

 ...and it's FREE!

What does the app do, exactly?

Currently, our iPhone app includes time tracking and task management. You can track time against any of your current projects and tasks.  The timer can run in the background so you don't need to have the app in the foreground to track your time.    

The task manager allows you to see all of your current, upcoming, and overdue tasks.  You can mark tasks as complete and add new tasks as well. 

Download the app and kick the tires for a bit.  We're looking for feedback on how well it works and what features should be added in the future.

Any plans for upgrades or new features?

Yes, lots. Our rough roadmap for additional mobile features looks like this...

  1. Expenses including the ability to upload receipts to your account.
  2. Invoice viewing and creation.
  3. File manager for viewing and uploading files to your account.
  4. Integration of client contact information with device contacts.

Any plans for an iPad app?

Yes, we're actually in the early stages of development. I won't give a release date yet but we do hope to have something available for the iPad before the end of 2012.

Any plans for an android version?

Eventually...we would like to get an iPad version out the door first.  Tentatively look for something early in 2013.

Why did it take so long to release?

We've been promising a mobile app for a little over a year.  The main problem has been finding a development platform that we felt worked well.  Last year there were many emerging mobile technologies that promised the ability to build native apps for both iOS and Android with one codebase instead of buiding separate apps for each platform. 

The very first thing we did was build a mobile web version of CPO with a product called Sencha Touch that you could access through the phone browser.  We just weren't happy with the results - it was slow and the code was we kept looking.  

Next, we tried refining our Sencha Touch app and using PhoneGap to package it. PhoneGap allows you to build native iOS and Android apps using HTML5 and JavaScript.  It then packages the app for distribution through the app stores.  We were happier with the results but the app was still very slow on older devices.  Keep looking...

Finally we gave Appcelerator Titanium a shot and found joy at last! Titanium allows you to build cross platform mobile apps in JavaScript that are truly native, using native controls and giving full access to the device features like camera, contact list, GPS, etc.  If you've been wondering which platform to use for mobile development, I would strongly recommend Titanium.  The learning curve is a little steep but the rewards are worth it.

Drag and drop task ordering

Jeff Denton

Nov 8, 2011 by Jeff

Features, Help, News, Development Progress

Now you can reorder tasks simply by dragging them around and dropping them where you want.  You can reorder tasks within a milestone or move tasks from one milestone to another - it works the same either way.  We hope this makes organizing your tasks a little bit easier.

NOTE: Currently you cannot reorder milestones...we're still working on this feature.

Task ordering with drag and drop 

Self-hosted updates are now available

Jeff Denton

Mar 6, 2011 by Jeff

Self Hosted, Development Progress, News

At long last we finally have an update package for the self-hosted version available. 

You can download the update ZIP file here!

We decided to abandon the in-app auto-update process because it simply didn't work for enough customers. So, here are some quick instructions to get you started.  Be sure to also read the instruction PDF included in the ZIP file.

  1. Download and upzip the files somewhere on your computer.
  2. Copy all of the files to the CPO installation on your server. This update is big so there are many files - please make sure all the files get transferred to the correct directories or else things will not work well.
  3. Open up the file database updates/cpo_updates_2.0.0.2.sql and execute the handful of SQL commands on the CPO database.

Hopefully your update goes smoothly but if not, please shoot us an email if you run into trouble.


Introducing the new file manager

Jeff Denton

Dec 3, 2010 by Jeff

Development Progress, Features, News

We're please to announce a completely revamped file manager in CreativePro Office! In version 1, CreativePro Office allowed file uploads to specific projects - there was no ability to share files across multiple projects. In early version 2, we improved file management a bit by allowing multiple file uploads and file "attachment" to projects, tasks, messages, etc.  However, this solution was not ideal...file uploads did not work well in Safari, files could not be moved to other folders, file/folder management was cumbersome and unreliable.

So what's new?

File upload and management now has a dedicated section within the application and you should see a new menu item called Files.

File menu item

This section is where you will do all of your file uploading, folder creation, and moving files between folders. We have kept the popup file manager that is available on all pages of the application; however, its sole purpose now is for selecting and attaching files to items.

File manager section

Upload multiple files with drag and drop!

Uploading files now is really simple if you use an HTML5 compatible browser like Firefox, Safari 4+, or Chrome.  You simply drag and drop files into the file uploader, then click the Start Upload button.  If you use IE or some other browser that doesn't support HTML5, you can still upload multiple files at once but drag and drop will not be enabled.

File drag and drop uploads

And once the upload starts, you will get an accurate idea of how the upload is progressing and approximately how much upload time remains.

Files are uploading

Moving files and folders

Now you can move files between folders by just dragging and dropping the file onto a folder.  You can do the same thing with entire folders as well.

Moving files between folders

Adding new folders

Adding new folders is now a lot more intuitive.  Just click the New Folder button, enter a folder name and click Save or hit Enter - a new folder will be created within the current directory. A folders can now be easily deleted by just clicking the delete button when you hover over a folder.

Creating a new folder

Multiple file views

Another nice new feature is the file list view.  Instead of viewing your files in thumbnail form where much of the filename can often be obscured, the file list view gives you much more information about the file like who uploaded the file, when it was uploaded, and the file size. You can access this view by clicking the list view icon in the upper-right.

File list view

So what about the old file manager popup window?

It's still around and available on most sections within the application.  However, it is no longer responsible for file uploads, folder creation, or moving files.  The popup file manager now exists so you can select files that you want to attach to certain items within your account like tasks, messages, or projects.

File manager popup

Thanks for reading and please let us know your thoughts about the new CPO file manager!

New rich text editor

Jeff Denton

Dec 3, 2010 by Jeff

Development Progress

Scattered throughout the CreativePro Office application are WYSIWYG, or rich text, editors. Tasks, calendar entries, and project notes all benefit from text formatting and HTML like bullets, links, strikethrough, italics, etc.  While not full-featured editors, they offer enough formatting options to help convey more information than a plain text box.

The problem until now has been simply didn't work in Webkit based browsers like Chrome and Safari.  Entering text worked just fine; but, when attempting to edit, no content would appear in the editor.  We have now fixed that by implementing a new rich text editor called jWYSIWYG, a nice, light-weight editor for the jQuery framework.


This editor had been tested in Safari on Mac and PC, IE 8, Firefox, and Chrome and appears to work well.  For the notes area, you now have the added ability to insert tables into the content.  Image insertion will be coming soon as well.

Table insertion

CreativePro Office 2 self hosted download release on Sept 13

Jeff Denton

Sep 7, 2010 by Jeff

Development Progress, News

Now that CreativePro Office is officially out of beta, we feel good about finally releasing the self hosted version of CPO 2 on Monday, September 13th.

This download will be available as a beta to buyers of the version 1 source code until it is moved into general release.  It will then be available for purchase by everyone. We should have prices set for version 2 by early October.

To request a download link for the beta, please Contact Us.  You'll need to provide at least your company name, your name, or better yet, your order number for the version 1 download.

This beta version will be fully functionaly except that it will not include a data import from a CPO 2 hosted account.  You will, however be able to import data from a self hosted CPO 1 installation or a CPO 1 hosted account. Import from a hosted CPO 2 account will come later in September.

This new version also has a simpler, 1 click update feature.  Initially, updates will probably be released on a weekly basis as bug fixes and patches are released.  After that, a monthly update schedule will probably be more appropriate.

Thanks for reading and please let us know if you have any questions.

So we're out of beta ... now what?

Jeff Denton

Sep 7, 2010 by Jeff

Development Progress, News

We passed an important milestone last week.  After 20 months of part-time but continuous work, CreativePro Office 2 finally came out of public beta!

Is it perfect? Nah, it's got a few bugs, some quirks, and some features need more polish - but it's a solid foundation for the CPO product moving forward.  We're proud of what the product is and excited about it's potential in the coming months.

So what happens now?  Well, the immediate priorities in order are, bug fixes, bug fixes, and bug fixes.  We plan on spending the month of September (and maybe longer) just addressing bugs that users continue to find. And also polishing some features and making them a little simpler and easier to understand.

Another super high priority item is the self hosted product, formerly known as the source code download. We will be releasing a beta version of the self hosted product to existing customers on Monday, September 13th. There is more information on that in this post over here.

After the bug fixes and self hosted product release, should financial support allow, here is a list of features we are really excited to implement:

  • Custom sub domains for accounts so you can have
  • A mobile device accessible version of the dashboard.
  • Project and task templates so you can set up 1 project with all its tasks, save a template, and create duplicate projects easily from that template.
  • Tying expenses and timesheets together with invoices a lot better.
  • Estimates that can easily be turned into invoices with 1 click.
  • Google docs integration with the file manager.
  • A much more refined file manager that shows thumbnails for images, allows commenting for files, versioning, and drag and drop file upload (for HTML 5 browsers).
  • Desktop application that allows you to manage your CPO account outside of the browser.
  • Better Google calendar integration so that your Google calendar and CPO calendar are always in sync.


There are many other ideas we have but they're a little further on the back burner right now.  Let us know if there's something you'd like to see bumped up the priority list a little bit and we'll take it under consideration.

Thanks for reading!

Project notes are back - and better!

Jeff Denton

Aug 14, 2010 by Jeff

Development Progress, Features, Hints and Tips

A few users have wondered what happened to project notes in CreativePro Office 2.  Version 1 users will remember the rather minimal notes feature that allowed you to attach random notes to a project - simple, almost too simple.  Here's the version 1 note entry form...

Entering project notes on CPO 1

Just a plain ol' textbox with a Save button.  And once you saved a note...

Project notes on CPO 1 really didn't have any way to edit the darn thing.  If you made a mistake well, delete and start over.

With CPO 2 we decided to amp up this feature a bit starting with a slimmed down WYSIWYG editor so you can add bullets, indentation, and simple font changes.  Links are activated automatically if the link text begins with http:// or https://.

Entering project notes on CPO 2 - better, eh?

We also thought it would be nice to let your clients see some of your project notes so we added a checkbox that allows you to do just that. 

Finally, the finished note complete with creator avatar, date and time stamp, visible to client indicator, and an Edit button!  The Edit | Delete button group appears as you hover over a note.

Project notes on CPO 2

Moving ahead we plan to allow file attachments to notes as well.  We hope you like the new project note feature in CPO 2.

Thanks for reading.

Public beta ends September 1st

Jeff Denton

Aug 13, 2010 by Jeff

Development Progress, News

Our beta testers have found a multitude of bugs over the past few weeks and we've been trying our best to squash them.  Our date for bringing CreativePro Office of public beta will be September 1st.

Those of you with premium plans more than 30 days old will be asked to supply credit card information to pay for your accounts on Sept. 1 when you login. The Solo, Shop, and Team plans are premium plans.

You will be given the option of downgrading your account to the Free plan if you wish during the payment process.

Thanks to all the users that have worked with us to identify and troubleshoot problems.  Although little quirks will no doubt persist for some time, we feel that CreativePro Office 2 is becoming a very solid and reliable product.

Thanks for reading.

CPO 2 enters public beta on June 14th!

Jeff Denton

May 31, 2010 by Jeff

Development Progress, News

It is with much excitement that we finally announce the public beta for CreativePro Office 2.  After almost 18 months of development,we're letting this new version out into the wild.  We want to give a big thanks to our private beta testers for helping us get to this point. We also thank our loyal customers for their tremendous patience as we slowly move this product through development.

Some of the great new features you'll notice in this new version:

  • Familiar but improved user interface and experience.
  • Much improved task management area.
  • Application wide messaging - attach messages to projects, invoices, expenses, etc. Messaging among your team and clients too!
  • Much improved file management, central file upload area, attach files to anything - projects, invoices, messages, expenses, etc.
  • Footer toolbar with the most used dashboard widgets on every page.  Now you can view project list, messages, calendar, invoices, tasks, timeclock from anywhere within the application.


How do I sign up?

Head on over to .  Click on the Pricing menu option and sign up for a plan. You will not be charged anything for your plan unless you decide to continue using it after the private beta period is over.

What should I do as a beta user?

Just use CreativePro Office and let us know about any quirks, bugs, or wierdness going on.  You can alert us easily to problems but clicking the bug alert icon in the upper-right toolbar. 

Top Toolbar

Can I import data from my existing CreativePro Office account?

Yes, you certainly can.  Once you're logged in, click on the Settings icon in the upper-right toolbar, then click on the Data tab.  You'll be asked to enter the user name and password of your CreativePro Office 1.0 account, then all of your data will be imported.

Data Import

(NOTE: This only works for hosted accounts - you cannot import data from a copy of CreativePro Office that is installed on your own server.)

Will I be charged for my time as a beta user?

No! You can sign up for any plan and will not be billed for the duration of the public beta period. When the beta period is over, you will be asked to enter your billing information to continue using a premium plan.  You can always opt out or downgrade to a free account at this point if you wish.

Can I still use my existing CPO account?

Yes you can.  All existing CreativePro Office 1.0 accounts will remain active for 6 months after the public beta is completed.

So what happens now?

Well, we let you beat up our new app and tell us what breaks. In addition to bugs, we're looking for feedback on how various features might be improved.  We're hoping this process can be completed within 2 to 3 weeks.  Then we'll be ready to release the final versions for the web and for download.

CPO enters Private Beta

Apr 21, 2010

Development Progress, News

Hi faithful CreativePro Office users.  This is a quick note to let you all know that CPO has entered private beta testing. Bug testing is important and necessary and we appreciate your help with the process.

We appreciate your tracking with us as we make another step in development progress.  The move from freeware to paid subscription based software is something that we are happy to make progress on.  CPO hasn't yet "earned its keep", even though it is so popular with our users.

It is nice to reach this point after so long, I think we are taking a bit of an exhale as we reach this point, happily.

We will keep you posted!

Frequently Asked Questions about the CPO 2.0 release.

Mar 23, 2010

Development Progress, News, Other Stuff

We have been fielding a lot of questions about CPO’s next version that is due out very soon.  The work is still fast and furious here with a private beta release date of March 31 looming large.  There are a few things that current CreativePro Office users should know as we finally enter the release phase of this long project.

When are you releasing version 2.0?

We have decided to do a private beta release of CreativePro Office 2.0 on March 31 with a public release shortly thereafter.

Why did you guys miss so many release dates?

This is an honest question and the answers are many.  Mainly, the scope of work was much larger than anticipated.  In retrospect, we may have tried to cram too many features into the initial 2.0 release. But, since version 1.0 has a pretty complete feature set, we knew we had to match and exceed that benchmark which I believe we have done. 

So what great new features finally made it into the new version?

Too many to list here but the ones we’re most excited about are:

  • Much improved shared calendaring including export to Google calendar. Tasks and project dates automatically list on the central calendar.
  • The task manager has been entirely redone.  It’s very robust and includes neat features like file attachments, message threads, email notifications, export to Excel file or PDF.
  • Team roles and permissions are now user defined so you can give your team as much or as little control over your account as you wish.
  • Much better integration between timesheets, expenses, and invoicing.  You can now create an invoice from a timesheet or time clock entry with 1 click.  Very cool!


Will the 2.0 version remain free?

Yes and no.  CreativePro Office 2.0 will have a free option among several premium, paid options.  We will release the official pricing structure very soon.

I’m an existing CPO user.  Will I be immediately forced to upgrade to a paid plan?

No.  We are allowing a 6 month grace period after launch for existing users to migrate to a free or paid plan on version 2.0.  If you decide that you do not wish to continue using CPO we will provide a data extract feature so that you can get your data out of the system and migrate it to another service.

Will version 1.0 still be available for free?

No. Version 1.0 will not accept any new subscriptions after April 15.  Existing users of version 1.0 will have 6 months from the public release date to migrate over to a CreativePro Office 2.0 subscription.

Will there be an open source version of CPO 2.0 that I can host on my own server?

Yes, but it will be available after the public hosted release.  The reason is that we have to do some tweaking to the self-hosted version to insure a smooth installation experience for the widest variety of users.

Will the price of the open source code stay $150.00?

No, the price point of version 2.0 will be higher.  We will release official prices within a week.

Are there help files or tutorials with this version?

CPO has been developed to be as intuitive as possible to use.  However, we realize that support in many forms is necessary for a satisfied user base. The forum and priority email (for subscribers) will be the primary means of helping our users find their way around CreativePro Office 2.0.  Tutorials and help files will be built out as we see a need.  For example, if we see that many users are having trouble with file uploads; we’ll create some help content around that specific issue. We are definitely going to create some comprehensive help content for the self-hosted, downloadable version though.

What plans are there for foreign language versions?

We have long fielded the request for different language versions of CPO.  Our plans are to include over 10 translations in version 2.0.  We already have the translations more or less sketched out but we will be working as much as we can with native speakers to fine tune the translations. 

Can I add my own currency?

No but we have added over 45 currencies to version 2.0 and will add more at your request.

Our plan for CreativePro Office is to continue to integrate more and more features over time as this application becomes profitable.  While we might not be able to give you a specific date for a specific feature roll out, be confident that we have many improvements in store for the future.

Thanks for reading.  Please let us know if you have any other questions.

What is going on?

Nov 15, 2009

Development Progress, News, Other Stuff

Dear trusty, faithful users and new users alike,

Despite periodic silence, work still ticks on here in development of 2.0.  The silence here can be easily explained:  development is to be a process that is, in our case, more often just done and less often talked about.  To put it succinctly, we are working.

On our part there has been a little bit of dismay over watching the date we intended to release come and go.  In reflection on what is causing the delay, Jeff realized a few things:

1.  The scope of work for version 2.0 has increased significantly since it was originally conceived.  Originally, 2.0 was to be a rewrite of the code so that future added features would have a stable code-base.  But what happened was that while in the code, tinkering, it seemed more logical (and more interesting) to start the process of making some of the more major improvements that were slated for the future.

2.  The amount of anticipated collaboration for the task of version 2.0 decreased by about 66%.   A smaller team made more work to be done.

3.  The hosting situation caused a bit of a slowdown for awhile but has since been rectified.

As we saw the date of anticipated release approaching, there were signs that things weren't going to work out as planned.  The release date was too ambitious, based on a "best case scenario" when excitement was high, and the scope of work was smaller. 

Now, a year after beginning, Jeff is just pushing for that next release date.   There had been considerations of releasing with what we had completed, but that would have fallen short on what we had told users to anticipate.  We are setting the date to end of February 2010, which seems entirely reasonable since version 2.0 is 80% complete.

The February release is planned to be beta tested and ready for use.

Thank you for your patience and hope that you will continue to looking forward to this as much as we are!

Feature List for CreativePro Office 2.0

Jeff Denton

Aug 10, 2009 by Jeff

Development Progress, Features, News

Hi Everyone

Here are some of the features that are going to be included in the new release of CreativePro.  If we haven't said so before, CreativePro Office is working on a new version that will remedy the bugs of the existing version AND include these killer new features:

In the Client area:

  • A new client widget on the dashboard that shows the client list and projects by client. User will be able to click a client name and the view will switch to show projects for that client.
  • Clients will be able to have multiple contacts instead of the 1 contact currently allowed. This will be accomplished by a site-wide contact management module which will provide the contact functionality for clients, projects, and expenses (vendors).
  • Users will be able to import client list in CSV format or a single client vCard.
  • Client dashboard will have total hours displayed for a project (optionally set by account owner) and project status indicator.
  • Client dashboard will have messaging capability for projects, invoices and files that are posted by the account owner (similar to Facebook).
  • Client timezone will be a setting that can be permanently set by the account owner.

In the Tasks area:

  • Tasks can be shared among multiple team members. Team members will receive email notifications of task assignments.
  • Files can be attached to task entries.  Tasks can be reordered within milestones by drag and drop.
  • Version 2.0 will have a much improved Gantt charting system with ability to print Gantt charts.
  • Recurring tasks.
  • Email integration: tasks can be created by sending an email to a CPO email address much like Remember the Milk.
  • Sorting tasks by title, date, assigned to, status will be included.
  • Users will be able to create quick To-Do lists using the task manager - instead of creating a client, then a project, then tasks.
  • The task management system will, over the next year, become more SCRUM focussed so that teams can monitor their time estimates and deliverable dates across many project and come up with more acurate predictions.
  • Tasks will have customizable categories that are color coded for quicker viewing.

In the Calendars area:

  • Shared calendars between project owners, team members and clients.
  • Synch calendar with Google Calendar, allow synch to Outlook through iCal format.
  • Allow multiple calendars with color coding. Allow other customization features like changing the first day of the week and date formats.
  • Upload/Download of calendar entries in iCal format.
  • Show events spanning multiple days.
  • RSS calendar feed specific to each calendar and team member.

In the Projects area:

  • Project auto-archive feature - allow user to set a time span for auto-archive of projects e.g. 3 weeks after project create, or project start.
  • Allow per-project, per-client hourly rates to be set.
  • Show time spent on a project in project detail view.
  • Make project file uploads simpler by using an app-wide file upload system that interfaces with Amazon S3.  Allow for multiple files uploads also.
  • Provide project/task view in a Gantt chart. 

In the Expenses area:

  • Expense and vendor reports.
  • Tie expense items and invoicing together better.  For example, if I guy stock photos for a client it would be nice to list these under expenses but also be available to me when it's time to invoice the client.
  • Hours logged from time sheets can be defined with an hourly rate then automatically set up as an expense and charged to the defined project.  I'm imagining contractor expenses here.  I pay a contractor (vendor) for 12 hours of graphic design - that's technically an expense that then needs to be invoiced. 
  • A recurring option for expenses like web hosting, rent or anything with a fixed and repeating cost.
  • A vendor list that would allow the same contact information and notes seen in clients, but then be tied to a specific project. 

In the Timesheets area:

  • Better time-sheet reports: view by project, client, team member, date range or combination of all variables.
  • Integrated job timer, timesheets and invoices together so you could select a project, start the clock, stop the clock and click a button to have an invoice generated.
  • Export timesheets as PDF, Excel, CSV.
  • Allow embedding the job timer in user websites so that you can have employees log time without giving them CPO user accounts.
  • Allow for multiple timers to be running at once.

In the Invoices area:

  • Individual invoice items can be taxable/non-taxable.
  • Partial payments can be entered for an invoice and CPO will keep track of amount remaining.
  • Invoice payments can be made through PayPal.
  • Recurring invoices for things like hosting accounts that need to be invoiced monthly,weekly,yearly.

This is a limited list of changes that will be going into version 2.0.  These features are in direct response to what users have asked for over the past 2 years that CPO has been active.  It isn't an exhaustive list, but it is definitely an exhausting list.  For those who wonder what the silence is about, this would explain it.

We look forward to our new release and hope you all are enjoying your summer!

Progress and Press

Jun 25, 2009

News, Development Progress

Well, the sun has come out, but I am still standing over Jeff cracking the whip, yelling "Code faster, you!"

Okay, well not really.

Folks have been asking about the next version which will remedy remaining bugs and have some often requested features.  It is in steady development and at this stage it is looking like fall for release. 

Jeff has been coding on timesheets and doing some of the last things that he needs to be doing as he prepares for the release of 2.0.  Pricing structures are in development and are in the final stages of soon being released, as well as features lists.  Screencasts are easy and are still underway. 

Jeff has said that pricing structures, features lists and screencasts are ready to come out. Look for that in our next blog post.

CreativePro Office has come a long way from when Jeff was hammering out icons that he was making from scratch.  Talk about time-consuming, CreativePro has been an education, a hobby, a tool and now there is a chance it might start pulling its own weight.  We are on the precipice of Creative Pro actually being able to hold its own, and we are quite excited about it.

If we haven't mentioned it previously, the existing free, hosted version of CreativePro Office is not going to be as well technically supported as it was in the days of development and bug testing.  We are letting it off into the wild.  The forum as well will be transitioned to being a place where users help other users to resolve problems.

We have received some good press here , being cited as the number 11 top small business project management tool.

We look forward to communicating with you as version 2.0 takes shape and prepares to emerge this year!


What is going on behind the scenes here at CreativePro Office?

Apr 10, 2009

Development Progress, News
Work on CPO is still busily humming along here at a frantic clip.  Jeff is continuing to rebuild the code base so that new features can be added easily and reliably.  This work is the foundation for CPO 2.0 that will include features that are being requested most frequently.  As he recodes, he is working out bugs that need to be dealt with, as well.

A word or two about support: many of you have noticed that support for the free hosted version of CPO has been somewhat reduced.  Our staff here at UpStart Productions is very small and we simply don't have the revenue yet to hire more support personnel.  As such, we are devoting most of our time to those who support our efforts through purchase of the source code.  The launch of CPO 2.0 will include some greatly enhanced help and self-support features for those who wish to use the free version of CPO.  We appreciate your patience and understanding while we make these improvements.

For those wondering about the hosting situation, rest assured we are still working on that as well.  Setting up a reliable hosting environment is proving more complex and challenging than anticipated.  We are trying to move on two fronts simultaneously, rebuilding the code base and moving the site to a faster hosting environment.  All this takes time so please bear with us.  We do realize that the existing host is terribly slow but we don't want to move until we know that the new host can fully support CPO without major downtime.

In closing, look for some exciting pre-launch screen casts of CPO 2.0 features here in the near future.  I'm hoping that by mid-April we can begin introducing you to the cool stuff we're doing in the next version!  Stay tuned and thank you all for your continued support!

Patches for Open Source customers

Jan 7, 2009

Bugs, Development Progress, Other Stuff, News

If we haven't said so before, a big THANK YOU to all the buyers of the CPO Source Code.  Your purchases are lighting the fire under our pants to keep improving CreativePro Office daily.

There are source code patches available to amend some of the bugs that our much appreciated bug testers have found.

The link is here:

We are currently working on CreativePro Office 2.0 that we hope will be available by the end of March and possibly earlier.  We are excited about this release as it will be the "new improved" version with more features that users have been requesting and numerous bug fixes.



CPO is Moving to Slicehost!

Jan 1, 2009

Development Progress, Hints and Tips, News

Hi! I hope everyone has been enjoying the holiday season, had a happy and safe New Year and that things are going along well with CPO.Slicehost

We have been busily working on rebuilding CreativePro so that we can add on new features that users have been requesting.  However, we have noticed that CPO is often times creeping along at a slugs pace, which makes development almost impossible.  We know that users are experiencing the same slugishness.  

So, CPO will be moving from its current hosting provider to a much more robust, dedicated server at Slicehost!  This move will not only alleviate the slow user experience but will allow us to implement some exciting new features such as emailing tasks and other information to your CPO account.  

Important Stuff:  We are planning this migration on the weekend of Jan 10 and 11.  We cannot guarantee service for these 2 days.  However, we intend to have CPO up and running again Monday morning, Jan 12.

Thank you again for the continued positive input from our dedicated users.   Your communication is what makes CPO improve.

Update 1/12/09:  While we were able to build a new host server for CPO on Slicehost this past week, we did not have time to move the site files and user data.  We will be moving site files and user data to the new host on the weekend of Jan. 17, 18. CPO will be down for these 2 days. Thanks again for your patience.

Some issues we are working out

Dec 18, 2008

Bugs, Development Progress

We have been hearing from people who are starting out with Creative Pro Office and are receiving activation errors upon signing up.  We are taking a closer look at this and wanted folks to know that we are aware of the situation.  It is easy to rectify, if you let us know we can manually activate the account, but this isn't a permanent fix.  If you get an activation error, do let us know, it is fast for us to activate your account manually and can get back to you relatively quickly.

In other news, we are aware that CPO is running extremely slowly for us, and have gotten word from other users that its slow going for them as well.  Since we have increased our base of users so much since we initiated our current hosting situation, we recognize that the time has come to give a boost to our bandwidth so CPO can run more smoothly.  We can do this thanks to those who have purchased the source code.

Jeff continues to busily rewrite the code base to so that we can provide a feature rich and stable product for users.  For those of you submitting bugs and feature requests, we owe a debt of gratitude, keep 'em coming because you are what is driving the improvements and growth to Creative Pro!




First Source Code Patch Available, Data Import Feature

Dec 14, 2008

Development Progress, Features, News

Thank you to all the folks who have braved the wilds of our first CreativePro Office source code release!  Because of your bug reports and feature requests we are able to release this first patch to the download.

This patch will bring your installation current with the 1.0.3 release of the CPO source code and addresses the following items:

  • No pop-up calendar on date fields.
  • MySQL error in view project area.
  • Missing icons and button images.
  • Link to Add new Client goes to dashboard.
  • Logo upload in Settings gives an error message.
  • Wrong Timesheet link on the Job Timer.
  • Data import from hosted CreativePro Office account.

Instructions for installing the patch are included in the zip file that you will download.  Look for more patches in the future at the link mentioned above.

One of the big new features that this patch provides is data transfer from your hosted CPO account to your installed CPO software.  Once the patch is installed, go to your Settings area and look for the data download link.  You will need to have your online CPO login information handy in order to download your data.

Much thanks to those who have contributed on forums, in emails and by posting bugs.  Very soon there will be a  development roadmap here on the blog outlining our path to a rebuilt hosted version of CPO that includes all those features that people have been asking for.  Keep your eyes open for it!

CPO Source Code Release!

Jeff Denton

Nov 14, 2008 by Jeff

News, Development Progress

At long last.

While the blog has been silent, the behind the scenes of Creative Pro have been busy. Those of you interested in installing CPO on your own server finally have that option.

First, a big thank you to all the commenters and emails that have nothing but good things to say about CPO. It is encouraging to see the application meeting the needs of so many people. Those encouraging emails are not falling into the abyss, but are inspiring further time investment to work out the little issues of getting CPO all packaged up to sell.

And things are so close to being ready I can taste it. But I want to wheel and deal with some of the existing users to help roll out CPO as a downloadable product.

For those of you who are interested in installing CPO on your own server, beta testing the CPO download and reporting any bugs with installation or use, you can buy the source code through December 31 for the reduced price of $75.  The beta testing should be done by New Year 2009 after which, the cost of the source code will increase to $150. 

Click here to buy the CreativePro Office source code now!

Of course, the hosted version of CPO is still free.

Once I see that things are running smoothly for folks who buy the CPO souce code, I will then turn my attention to updating the online version of CPO, fixing some bugs and adding new features.

Smashing Magazine gives a nod to CPO!

In other exciting news, Smashing Magazine featured CPO on November 13 and had this to say about it:

"CreativePro Office is very robust for a completely free application and is definitely worth checking out before shelling out for an expensive paid solution."

Since Smashing Magazine is one that I read regularly, it was pretty cool to have them recognize the work I have cobbled together quietly over the past 6 years.

Welcome baby Sylvie!

And, if you are still perplexed by my silence for the past 6 months or so,  I would like to assure you there has been good reason for it most recently.  Her name is Sylvie Roberta Denton and she was born September 30.  We couldn't be more happy to have her.


CPO Announces New Team Members

Jeff Denton

Nov 14, 2008 by Jeff

News, Development Progress

I'm am thrilled to announce two new members to the CreativePro Office development and customer support team.

First up, Matt O'Connor of Stump Town Slingers has agreed to join the CreativePro Office development team.

Matt has spent the better part of his career building large special education data systems for Oregon, Iowa and most recently, Nevada. I am confident that he will bring both the skill and passion required to push the CreativePro Office project to the next level of usability and, hopefully, profitability.   

Better still, Matt now works right down the hall from me over at Western Oregon University so we collaborate quite frequently on other projects already.  As some of you know, I have been struggling for some time over whether to bring outside help from distant places into the CPO project.  I think we've found the perfect solution in Matt.

Heather Denton of Chez What? will bring some much needed customer support to CPO.  Heather will be responsible for keeping the blog up to date, responding to questions in the CPO forum, answering email, and providing triage for bug notifications and feature requests.  

Heather is tri-lingual, fluent in Spanish and Russian so she will also be helping extensively with the first non-English release of CPO in 2009.

So head over to Stump Town Slingers and Chez What? and give our new team members a warm welcome.  I'm excited about the future of this project.  Be looking for a CPO development roadmap in the near future.

Thanks for reading.

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