Timesheet Entry Import from Version 1 is Fixed!

Jeff Denton

Aug 17, 2010 by Jeff

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Some version 1 users who have switched to CreativePro Office 2 have mentioned that timesheet entries did not migrate over to their new accounts. Today we finally tracked down and fixed that bug. If you have already imported your data from a version 1 account, no worries - just import again and you should get your old timesheet entries. You existing data will not be duplicated because of another import. Some of you may not know about the import feature at all. If you have used the old version of CreativePro Office and would like to migrate your data to a fresh new CPO 2 account, then click on the Office Settings icon in the upper-right, then click the Data tab. You'll be asked for the user name and password of your old account. NOTE: The data migration feature does not work on source code installs - it only works on hosted accounts. Also, if your old account has more team members than what your new account supports, those team members will not be visible after the import.

Patches for Open Source customers

Jan 7, 2009

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If we haven't said so before, a big THANK YOU to all the buyers of the CPO Source Code.  Your purchases are lighting the fire under our pants to keep improving CreativePro Office daily.

There are source code patches available to amend some of the bugs that our much appreciated bug testers have found.

The link is here:


We are currently working on CreativePro Office 2.0 that we hope will be available by the end of March and possibly earlier.  We are excited about this release as it will be the "new improved" version with more features that users have been requesting and numerous bug fixes.



Some issues we are working out

Dec 18, 2008

Bugs, Development Progress

We have been hearing from people who are starting out with Creative Pro Office and are receiving activation errors upon signing up.  We are taking a closer look at this and wanted folks to know that we are aware of the situation.  It is easy to rectify, if you let us know we can manually activate the account, but this isn't a permanent fix.  If you get an activation error, do let us know, it is fast for us to activate your account manually and can get back to you relatively quickly.

In other news, we are aware that CPO is running extremely slowly for us, and have gotten word from other users that its slow going for them as well.  Since we have increased our base of users so much since we initiated our current hosting situation, we recognize that the time has come to give a boost to our bandwidth so CPO can run more smoothly.  We can do this thanks to those who have purchased the source code.

Jeff continues to busily rewrite the code base to so that we can provide a feature rich and stable product for users.  For those of you submitting bugs and feature requests, we owe a debt of gratitude, keep 'em coming because you are what is driving the improvements and growth to Creative Pro!




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