Exporting your CreativePro Office account data

Jeff Denton

Jan 5, 2011 by Jeff

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If you've ever felt a little uneasy keeping all of your office data "in the cloud", we rolled out a feature last night that should help set your mind at ease.

Now you can easily export all of your CreativePro Office data to Excel files! If you ever need a data backup for peace of mind or - heaven forbid - you ever need to move on from CPO and find another project management solution, this tool should help a lot. 

Exporting data is simple. First, click the Settings icon in the upper-right . Then click the Data tab. Now, click the Panel labelled Export your data from CreativePro Office as shown below.

Account data export

After a few moments, you'll be prompted to download a ZIP file.  Go ahead and save the ZIP file somewhere and open it up.  You should see a list of Excel files like the list below.  Each data type will be in its own Excel file (e.g. Clients, Projects, Messages, Invoices, etc.).

Account data export

Opening up the Project Excel file as an example, you see that each file includes descriptive column headings.  From here, you can save the file as a CSV or XML document and import into many other project management applications.

Account data export

Thanks for reading.

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