What is the best internet browser for CreativePro Office

Feb 12, 2015 by George


As a new customer as well, we have tried different internet browser to access www.mycpohq.com. We have tried: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome etc.  The best internet browser works for us on www.mycpohq.com is Google Chrome. We also queried the system administrators and it seems that 60% of mycpohq.com customers using Chrome, 20% of customers using Firefox, 10% of customers using Safari.  Would like to share this information with all of you.  

Happy Valentine's Day 

New finance features: estimates and the ledger view

Jeff Denton

Feb 12, 2015 by Jeff

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Last week we rolled out a whole bunch of updates to CreativePro Office.  Among them were things like updated jQuery UI controls, new messaging widget, drag and drop file uploads for tasks and messages, and a highly requested feature...estimates!

Now you can create and send estimates to your clients and then convert them to invoices with one click.  Estimates are created exactly the same way as invoices and they show up in the Finances area under the Invoices and Estimates tab.

The other big new feature is the ledger view.  Until now, there was no way to view income and expenses in a single view.  In the ledger view, you can select a date range and see all invoice payments and expenses within that range.  You can expand each item to see a little bit more detail. Invoice payments will show all payments made for that particular invoice, along with the date of payment and the method of payment.  Expenses will show any notes or comments associated with the expense.

In the right-hand column, you can see income and expense totals for the time period selected. You can also toggle between viewing only expenses or income.

We hope you like the new estimate and ledger features as we keep working to make CPO a more complete solution for your team!

Thanks for reading.

Some big changes are coming to CPO Finances

Jeff Denton

Sep 29, 2012 by Jeff

Features, News

Just a quick update on some of the new stuff we've been doing around here the past few weeks. Possibly THE most requested feature for CPO has been the ability to create estimates. So, we're finally going to make that happen.  But as we were building out the estimate feature, we went ahead and decided to do a whole bunch of good stuff in the Finances area.  Here's a quick list of things you'll see within the next 2 weeks:

  1. Estimates and the ability to turn an estimate into an invoice with one click *Yea!*
  2. A ledger view with Income and Expenses will be the default view for the Finances area.
  3. You'll be able to filter the ledger by date range or keyword search.
  4. The PayPal link on invoices will now be optional.  You can chose whether or not to include it when you email the invoice.
  5. We'll make the invoice HTML and Email views a bit more readable.
  6. We'll fix that pesky invoice Due Date bug.

We're also making a few app-wide changes - mostly to the code and UI.  We've replaced a lot of CSS code to make our button HTML smaller and easier to implement.  Category entry select controls in Projects, Invoices, and Expenses are now jQuery combo boxes and they work very nicely.  All autocomplete controls have been replaced with jQuery UI autocomplete. And we're now minifying and concatenating all our CSS and JavaScript files on the server so you should see some slightly faster load times.

I think that's about it.  We hope to have all of these updates rolled out by mid-October. Thanks for reading!

How does 10x more storage space for FREE sound?

Jeff Denton

Sep 29, 2012 by Jeff

File Management, News

10x more storage space on CPO!Some good news for your weekend.  Today we bumped the storage space on all CreativePro Office accounts by a whopping 10x!  That means that the SOLO plan now has 10GB or storage space.  The SHOP plan has 50GB, and the TEAM plan has a stupendous 100GB of storage space.  

The best part...this increase is completely free to all customers.  It's one way we can say a big "Thanks!" to all of our loyal users.  So go - upload your documents, photos, comps, and proposals. Hopefully, worries about running out of space will now be the last thing on your mind.

Have a great weekend, everyone and thanks for reading.

Changing timesheet entry dates

Jeff Denton

Aug 20, 2012 by Jeff

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Until now, there hasn't been an easy way to change the date of a timesheet entry. If you accidentally entered time on the wrong day, you had to delete the entry and enter it again on the correct date.  We added a little feature last week that lets you change the date on a timesheet entry with just a couple of clicks.  Watch the quick tutorial below to find out how.

Changing folder names in the file manager

Jeff Denton

Aug 1, 2012 by Jeff

File Management, features, help

We made it really easy to change folder names in the file manager today.  Check out the quick video below to see how it's done.

View your CPO payments...and some restructuring.

Jeff Denton

Jun 20, 2012 by Jeff

Features, News

We've always felt a little bad about not offering a place where subscribers could see their payment record.  So this week, we've fixed that!  Beginning this week, you will receive email receipts each month for your CPO payments and you can view them within the app as well.

To view your payments, you'll need to go into the My Account area which is new.

My AccountYou'll notice that we've moved some stuff into the My Account area that used to be under Settings like changing you password, cancelling your account, and changing your credit card or plan type.

To see your list of payments, click on the View Account Payments tab.

Your payment list

Here you'll see an entry for each payment you've made since May 2012 - unfortunately, we couldn't get data for any payments made prior to May. The Profile ID is a unique ID assigned to your subscription by our payment processor.  It will change if you update your credit card or change plans and it's handy to have on hand if there's ever a payment dispute.

Right now, this is a simple list view.  Eventually, we'd like to give you the ability to print or email your payment data from this screen.

Thanks for reading!  

Introducing the CPO desktop timer

Jeff Denton

Jun 1, 2012 by Jeff

Development Progress, Features, News

iPhone AppOur push to move CPO beyond the browser continues. Today we're happy to announce our desktop app for Mac and PC! Now can log time to any of your active projects and tasks right from your desktop without ever having to open CPO in your browser.


What does it do?

For now, the desktop app can log time for multiple projects on a given day. It will also keep a history of time logged. Using the built in calendar widget, you can view time spend on projects in the past.

Desktop app trayWhen the app is minimized, you will see a little icon in your tray indicating whether or not you have active timers running. You also get a small menu of options for logging out or getting help with the app.

One last nifty feature...if you want to start a new task that isn't already in your task list, you can add it right in the task combo box. You don't have to log in to your account in the browser, and add the task there - you can do it right from your desktop.

Desktop app screens

Where can I get it?

Check out our Extras page to find the download links for both Mac and PC.  Installation should be quick and painless on both platforms.

Any plans for updates?

Yes...and, it depends.  Some updates are certain. For example, we would love to add better keyboard shortcuts to the app along with some simple reporting features.  We've also thought about releasing this as a standalone app in the Mac App Store.  

Other features we see being useful are a task manager, file uploader and viewer, invoice viewer, expense manager, and maybe a contact list manager.  We're going to take a wait and see approach to these other features.  Our sense is that most users will be happier with a good and complete mobile app so that's where we will likely spend most of our resources.

However, if folks seem to really like the desktop app, then we'll give it some more love!

The geeky stuff.

We built the desktop app with Appcelerator Titanium using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and a sprinkling of Chico IU components. Figuring out all the little quirks in Titanium took some doing - the desktop API is a bit different from the Titanium Mobile API...and less supported.  

We're really pleased with the Chico UI components.  We didn't like the idea of including a huge UI library (like jQuery UI) just to get a calendar and a combo box. Chico UI fit the bill nicely.  It's a relatively new library on the scene but the devs are actively working on it and respond quickly to bugs and feature requests.  Check 'em out for your next project!

The CPO iPhone app is here!

Jeff Denton

May 25, 2012 by Jeff

Development Progress, Features, News

iPhone AppWe're happy to finally announce our new iPhone app for CreativePro Office! Now you can track your time and tasks while away from the office. We know you've waited a long time for this release and we appreciate your patience.

Where can I get it?

 ...and it's FREE!

What does the app do, exactly?

Currently, our iPhone app includes time tracking and task management. You can track time against any of your current projects and tasks.  The timer can run in the background so you don't need to have the app in the foreground to track your time.    

The task manager allows you to see all of your current, upcoming, and overdue tasks.  You can mark tasks as complete and add new tasks as well. 

Download the app and kick the tires for a bit.  We're looking for feedback on how well it works and what features should be added in the future.

Any plans for upgrades or new features?

Yes, lots. Our rough roadmap for additional mobile features looks like this...

  1. Expenses including the ability to upload receipts to your account.
  2. Invoice viewing and creation.
  3. File manager for viewing and uploading files to your account.
  4. Integration of client contact information with device contacts.

Any plans for an iPad app?

Yes, we're actually in the early stages of development. I won't give a release date yet but we do hope to have something available for the iPad before the end of 2012.

Any plans for an android version?

Eventually...we would like to get an iPad version out the door first.  Tentatively look for something early in 2013.

Why did it take so long to release?

We've been promising a mobile app for a little over a year.  The main problem has been finding a development platform that we felt worked well.  Last year there were many emerging mobile technologies that promised the ability to build native apps for both iOS and Android with one codebase instead of buiding separate apps for each platform. 

The very first thing we did was build a mobile web version of CPO with a product called Sencha Touch that you could access through the phone browser.  We just weren't happy with the results - it was slow and the code was cumbersome...so we kept looking.  

Next, we tried refining our Sencha Touch app and using PhoneGap to package it. PhoneGap allows you to build native iOS and Android apps using HTML5 and JavaScript.  It then packages the app for distribution through the app stores.  We were happier with the results but the app was still very slow on older devices.  Keep looking...

Finally we gave Appcelerator Titanium a shot and found joy at last! Titanium allows you to build cross platform mobile apps in JavaScript that are truly native, using native controls and giving full access to the device features like camera, contact list, GPS, etc.  If you've been wondering which platform to use for mobile development, I would strongly recommend Titanium.  The learning curve is a little steep but the rewards are worth it.

Importing data into CreativePro Office

Jeff Denton

Feb 13, 2012 by Jeff

Features, Help

Is it possible to import client data into CreativePro Office?  You bet! Here's how you do it...

1. Click Settings, then click the Data tab.

Click the panel labled Import data from other software. Then click the Begin importing data button.

Import data: Step 1

2. Select a CSV file with your data to import.

The data you wish to import must be in a CSV formatted file with or without column headers.  Using clear column headers will help a lot in step 3 when we map our columns.

Import: Step 2

3. Map the columns from the CSV file to the client or contact fields.

If your CSV file imports correctly, you will then map the columns in your CSV file to the Client or Contact fields for CreativePro Office.  The select menu next to each field should contain a list of available columns in your CSV file.  Select a corresponding column for each field and click the Import Data button.  NOTE: Don't forget the check the box labeled First row of data is column headers if this is indeed true.  Otherwise, your column headers will be imported as a client or contact.

Import: Step 3

4. Preview your imported data.

Next, you will have a chance to preview your data before it gets imported.  Make sure that all of the columns are matched with the appropriate field names and click Accept Import if everything looks ok.

Import: Step 4

5. Confirm your import. 

If everything went well, you should get a confirmation message like the one below.  That's it!

Import: Step 5

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